Garlic Bread art print

Garlic Bread art print


garlic bread is soooo yum. This is me and jonathan and we r buddy buddies. dont ask me what this painting means cus i dont know lololol its just vibesss


Available in 3 sizes!! Contact me if you'd like to go larger xx


Please allow 10-12 days to ship as these a printed by order by Fox Lab Fine Art, thank you ! 


  • hot and spicy information for u

    These prints are: 

    ♡Archival, museum grade quality
    ♡Accurately colour matched to look like the original paintings
    ♡Printed on 100% COTTON textured rag paper
    ♡Free of optical brightners that are present in most other papers, allowing the colours in the print to last over 100 years and withstand sunlight
    ♡310gsm so she thiiiccccc