Hi i am micca!!

I’m a 21 year old artist born and raised in perth and i'm really just out here tryna do art full time which, will hopfully turn out okay for me. Right now I'm kind of freeballing my life and seeing what happens. I like learning and experiencing new things, trying my best to be the best version of myself that i can be. My “16 personalities” test says i am ENFP-T or sometimes INFP-T if u wanna read on that its pretty fuckin accurate. It says I’m 97% feeling and 3% thinking and omfg that is so fucking true. 

For anybody wondering, i am self taught, my paintings are all done with oils and my miccamoo drawings are done in fine liner and then coloured digitally on my phone. My art is inspired by lots of things. Mostly my feelings. I’d say my art style comes from my love for realism and fine detail but i also don't like shit that looks like u can just print it from a photo which is why i like to fuck up and distort the proportions and i guess create my own little world of miccamoo people!! I call my @miccamoo page my visual diary cus i just draw whatever is on my mind or events that has happened or is currently happening in my life. 

Hope my art feeds ur spirit as much as it does mine <3

If you find something you like on here you should totally buy it, i bet the wall in your room will be super grateful about it hehe. 


Miccamoo is a nickname my dad gave me since i was zero years old so im just rolling with it cus its cute.


Thanks for reading if you've made it this far  !!!!!!


Love from micca / miccamoo